Our products are hand-crafted using a plant called Golden Grass (Capim Dourado) by qualified artisans from local associations in Jalapao area – Tocantins (Brazil)

authentic Golden Grass features an intense shine and its natural color is similar to that of gold and it only grows in Jalapão.

The plant has been used for many years for the handicraft production of a wide range of items including baskets, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bags - and the techniques are passed on from generation to generation.

Golden grass is protected by laws designed to regulate the methods and proper times for harvesting per year. The Association of Artisans monitors the extraction respecting the plant’s cycle. In addition, the plant cannot be sold unprocessed outside Jalapão area, which is why only finished hand-crafted pieces are available in order to preserve the environment, social and economic balance.

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